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5 Reasons to drink Watermelon Juice

Compared to other fruits, Watermelon is low in both calories and sugar making it the perfect sweet snack. With the warmer weather upon us, nothing is more refreshing than the taste of watermelon paired with the tartness of orange. Now that our seasonal Watermelon juice is available, we wanted to provide a few reasons as to why drink GLOW!

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Alfio's Favorite Smoothie Ingredients

We LOVE smoothies almost as much as we love juice. They are an excellent way to kick-start your morning with tons of nutrients jam-packed into a tasty drink and are an easy way to get a good serving of fruits, vegetables, and more. We asked our founder, juicer, and health guru what smoothie ingredients ingredients he is currently obsessed with. Here are a few of his current favorites and how they will help jump-start your day:

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