The problem with Pasteurization: stop wasting your money.

As cold pressed juice gains more popularity, more options are coming to stores.

If you’re reading this you obviously know how important drinking juice is, however with the sweet also comes the sour. The truth about commercial juice companies is that the juice is massed produced, packaged and pasteurized! Unlike them we press micro batches of fresh organic and raw juice every single day, to maintain nutritional integrity and superior taste and quality.

So what does pasteurization do?

There are two pasteurization methods: Heat pasteurization, and the other is HPP (high pressure pasteurization) . Heat pasteurization kills all the bacteria and microorganisms in the juice, including the good kind. This leads to the loss of vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, thus degrading the nutritional integrity. HPP is now the most popular version of pasteurization in our industry. When the HPP method is done the juice is bottled and ready to go, and is then subjected to an extremely high level of pressure. This process does not kill as much bacteria and microorganisms as heat pasteurization, but the good bacteria is still effected and from personal experience color and most importantly flavor is negatively effected.

So, my question to consumers is: Why settle and pay for something that will not benefit you nearly as much as a raw, cold-pressed juice.

Ritual Juicery FACTS!

We do not use any pasteurization methods.

We only use non-gmo & organic ingredients.

Dedicated gluten free and cruelty free kitchen.


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