5 Reasons to drink Watermelon Juice

Compared to other fruits, Watermelon is low in both calories and sugar making it the perfect sweet snack. With the warmer weather upon us, nothing is more refreshing than the taste of watermelon paired with the tartness of orange. Now that our seasonal Watermelon juice is available, we wanted to provide a few reasons as to why drink GLOW!

  1. Hydration! Watermelon is an excellent source of hydration considering the tasty fruit is actually made up of 92% water.

  2. Packed with nutrients. Watermelon contains a number of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamins B1, B5 and B6. Watermelon is also high in carotenoids, including beta-carotene and lycopene. Plus, it has citrulline, an important amino acid.

  3. Cancer prevention! This juicy fruit contains Lycopene which has been shown to have anti-cancer properties and is associated with a lower risk of some types of cancer.

  4. Anti-inflammatory. Watermelon is rich in lycopene and vitamin C which are anti-inflammatory antioxidants to help with joint swelling and tenderness.

  5. Can relieve muscle soreness! Watermelon contains Citrulline, an amino acid in that has been shown to reduce muscle soreness. So the next time you are feeling muscle tightness following a workout, grab yourself a bottle of Glow for some relief.